Welcome to Fasai Thai Wellness

Sawasdee Ka!

  • Discover the therapeutic benefits of traditional Thai massage techniques, handed down across generations.
  • Ease away your body’s aches and pains with the soothing and fragrant scents of Thai aromatic oil therapy.
  • Relieve the stress of your body and mind created by modern lifestyle while you are pampered in a friendly, calming atmosphere.
  • Restore the balance between your body and soul with an unforgettable relaxing Fasai massage experience.

At Fasai Thai Wellness, our trained and experienced staff are ready to provide a wide range of thai massage and aromatherapy treatments.


Whatever you choose, from soothing Fasai aroma to stress calming Thai foot massage, from neck shoulder & back relief to a full traditional Thai massage, or indeed any of our other services, you can be assured of our best attention to your personal needs and wishes.

Visit Fasai Thai Wellness soon and put new energy into your life.